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New Work: Teen Vogue with Hailey Baldwin Photographed by Julia Noni

Fiona StilesComment

photography: Julia Noni  /  hair: Dennis Devoy  /   stylist: Felicia Garcia-Rivera  /   
makeup: Fiona Stiles

Working with Teen Vogue is always a dream; they are so fashion forward and I love the way they push teen fashion.  Hailey Baldwin was totally game for how physical it was and I love how she brought her dance background to the shoot, it brought the pictures to a whole other level.  She was also really cool with letting me keep her makeup stripped down, just focusing on beautiful skin, which is always a favorite for me.  Having it so simple kept it looking fresh and really cool, especially because the clothes had so much going on with all of the patterns.  Knowing when to keep it minimal is really important, as important as being able to really go for it and paint a face... it's ok to  have the lack of a statement be the statement.


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MAC Cream Color Base in "Nude"


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