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This is B-I-G

Fiona StilesComment

You all know how obsessed with products I am.  Nothing brings me more joy than going to the makeup counter/drugstore/beauty supply store/boutique to see what's new on the shelves.  And I get the same intense feeling of joy from sharing that information with others.

So what could be more perfect than opening a shop where I could share some of my all time favorite kit essentials?

Well that's what I've done.

I've just launched an online store called Reed Clarke where I am selling my favorite products from my makeup kit and the hardest working skin care products from my medicine cabinet.  These are makeup and skin care items that I reach for time and time again, and ones that I am constantly recommending to clients and friends and family members alike.

And I am so excited that I can share them with you now!  Some of these products you might know about.  But I am guessing that a lot of them are ones that you may not have even heard of, and that is what is so exciting to me.  I love sharing information, that is a huge part of being a makeup artist; sharing tips, favorite goodies from your kit, sharing new discoveries..... when you get two makeup artist together, it takes about 5 minutes for us for our conversation to veer back to makeup; what's new in our kit.... "Have you tried this?  Have you tried that? This blah-blah-blah is amazing, here, check it out...."  We can't help ourselves, we're information spreaders!  And we're incredibly passionate about our craft and products.

I am very selective about the products I carry.  I am not trying to be Sephora.  Sephora exists and they are fantastic!  I want Reed Clarke to be that special spot that you love checking out, that awesome store that you always find something great at, a place that has a trusted curation that feels like you are getting personal, individualized attention.  A place you go to all of the time because you know there's always something you'll like.  I hope you love it.

Swing by the shop and have a peek: